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Product Description

Set of 4 wheels.

Diameter: 55mm. 99B.

Performance Urethane

Hard and Long lasting!

Significantly Light Weight

Increases Speed without sacrificing durability, quality or strength.

About skateboard wheels:

The wheels of a skateboard, usually made of polyurethane, come in many different sizes and shapes to suit different types of skating. Larger sizes like 54–85 mm roll faster, and also move more easily over cracks in pavement. Smaller sizes like 48–54 mm keep the board closer to the ground, require less force to accelerate and produce a lower center of gravity, but also make for a slower top speed. Wheels also are available in a variety of hardnesses usually measured on the Shore durometer "A" scale. Wheels range from the very soft (about Shore 75a) to the very hard (about Shore 101a). As the A scale stops at 100, any wheels labeled 101A or higher are harder, but do not use the appropriate durometer scale. Some wheel manufacturers, like Spitfire, now use the "B" or "D" scales, which have a larger and more accurate range of hardness.

About Spitfire Wheels:

San Francisco, The Place For the Creation of Spitfire Wheels. Let us take you back, way back --- It was back in 1987 when Spitfire came on the skateboard scene and for the last 20+ years Spitfire has been the maker of the highest and bestest quality skateboard wheels the industry have every seen! Can they have more team members - both amateurs and professional skaters??? All their team members support the brand and give their respect to the flaming head logo that is Spitfire. "Ride the Fire" - you know they're still hot.
Spitfire Skateboard Wheels Pro Team: Spitfire Wheels sponsors core pro riders Vincent Alavarez, Andrew Allen, Antoine Asselin, James Hardy, Jeff Grosso, JT Aultz, Eric Dressen, Steve "Salba" Alba, Brian Anderson, Bryan Herman, Silas Baxter-Neal, Peter Ramondetta, Justin Brock, Erik Ellington, Chris Cole, Eric Koston, Mike Anderson, Dennis Busenitz, Guy Mariano, John Cardiel, Peter Hewitt, Lance Mountain, Tony Trujillo, Keegan Sauder, Keith Hufnagel, Justin Strubing, Daewon Song, Nick Dompierre, Emmanuel Guzman, Jason Jessee, Antuwan Dixon, Steve Nesser, Sean Malto, Eric Dressen, Jeff Lenoce, Peter Salazar, Sam Hits, Rob Welsh, Leo Romero, Colin Kennedy, Mark Gonzales, Anthony Van Engelen, and Dylan Rieder, Dustin Dollin, Chima Ferguson, Dan Drohobl, Frank Gerwer, Bobby Worrest, Ernie Torres, Julien Stranger, Marc Johnson, Andrew Brophy, Jon Goeman, Angel Ramirez, Alex Olson, Kevin Long, Stu Graham, Dan Pensyl, Anthony Pappalardo, Tyler Bledsoe, Anthony Schultz, Dan Plunkett, Brian Hanson, Manny Santiago, Rick Howard Stu Cavedoni, Robbie Russo, Peabody, Brad Cromer, Theotis Beasley, James Hardy, Adam Alfaro, Al Partanen, Ryan Petaishiski, and Grant Taylor.

Spitfire Wheels are all manufactured in the USA and featured by Boardshop Australia.


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